Leaders of Huzhou City Government visit TIMG for guidance

Date:2019.04.12       Number of readers:197

On the afternoon of June 9th, Qian Sanxiong, the mayor of Huzhou City, led the leaders of two levels of cities and counties to conduct a tour of Zhejiang TIMG. Technical Promotion Commissioner Fan Cunxiang is responsible for escorting reception. The leader, accompanied by Miss Fan, visited our roughing workshop, finishing workshop and assembly workshop. During the visit, Ms. Fan briefly introduced the basic situation of the company, and explained the main products, main application areas, major customers, technology research and development capabilities, production capabilities, and quality assurance capabilities. The government leaders fully affirmed and highly evaluated the development of TIMG. At the same time, they also hope that TIMG will continue to enhance the overall strength of the company, increase its position in the industry, and make greater contributions to the promotion of regional economic development!