Why Spindle Bearing With Big Rolling Element Is Much Efficient For Machining Jobs?

Date:2019.11.21       Number of readers:183


take a product as example,7014 series of 12,000 rpm spindle bearing on the market basically are used with small ceramic balls or small steel balls (Φ7.938MM). Compared with TIMG’s 12,000rpm bearing with 21 large ceramic balls(Φ11.906mm), there are two points to pay attention

1. First of all, for the machining center, the allowable loading of spindle bearing is the first to determine the cutting ability of the spindle, it is suitable for heavy cutting or not, it is decided by the load.

2. The permissible speed of the bearing is controlled the machining efficiency, also the surface quality during the machining process. That is to say, after the user finishes machining, the surface roughness of the machined part has to be evenly fine

The mechanical spindles of 12000 rpm/BT40 provided by most suppliers, which are normally used with small steel balls or small ceramic balls (Φ7.938MM). Be frankly, the conditions would be:

The temperature rise is higher. In common, would control the temperature rise of the spindle being within the standard range, but the loading capacity of the bearing is relatively sacrificed.

 The machining range is narrow.


We can have such a calculation about using small balls and big balls for spindle bearing  

For small steel balls or small ceramic balls (Φ7.938MM), their static load ratings is 19Kn, and the dynamic load ratings is 20Knas for large steel balls(Φ11.906mm), the static load ratings is 35Kn, and the dynamic load ratings is generally 42Kn . After changing to large ceramic balls(Φ11.906mm), it will be slightly higher, basically 20~30% higher. This is the static/dynamic load ratings for large ceramic ball




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