Subject: Early diagnosis of failure

Date:2019.11.21       Number of readers:145



Early diagnosis of failure

   At present, many bearing companies provide prediction software of bearing life. The principle is to use the tests of bearing life as the base number of the big data, and then gradually reduce the combined relationship between load and the life, calculate the running time, and give an approximate number of the remaining life, which is very inaccurate.


 The other is to determine whether the bearings have been damaged by measuring bearing vibration and temperature rise. At this time, it is impossible to give certain precautions in advance, or prepare the spindle parts that need to be replaced beforehand.

  The early diagnosis of failure is recommended by TIMG Bearing Company, which can be detected by the vibration signal at the initial stage of the change about the ratio of the tangential stress and the normal stress, before the failure has been occurred, so as to achieve a goal of “true” early diagnosis of the fault. In the period more than one week, before the bearing has not been damaged, people could find the possible failure, in order to prevent ahead of the time, also arrange the production plan accordingly and then replace the spindle parts. 

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